From Cloud Chaos to Cloud Smart.

Today, most Enterprise organizations face an enormous responsibility of having to manage an environment that is Multi-Cloud,having both an on-premises infrastructure and a footprint in multiple public clouds.

VMware provides customers like you with the tools to manage, optimize, and govern your infrastructure.

So there are definitely unique challenges to the Multi-Cloud environment. Now one of those in particular is resilience.

Now why is resilience particularly important in the Multi-Cloud world or in a challenging economic climate?

Well, don’t think of resilience in the context of I need to design infrastructure to protect from acts of God.

But what about something like Ransomware and a Malicious active man against the organization?

Now, in any economy, a Ransomware’s the last thing you want to happen.

It could be particularly impactful to the business during a down economy, but certainly not something you want either way.

And I’m not just talking about the cost of the ransomware event if you indeed.

But what about the cost to the business, the business operations, or potentially compromised sensitive data?

More importantly, maybe even the loss of trust in the eyes of your customer. Maybe the data wasn’t that significant,

but having to announce this breach and losing that trust from your customers or your partners or in some cases,

If you’re a public company, investors, which can be detrimental to the organization.

So a really strong, good resiliency strategy is always important, but maybe in these times even more critical to focus on that balance between offense and defense.

How about my workload whether that’s my private cloud or multiple private cloud instances, or a VMware Cloud?

Because of the fact that the silos that are created by these Multiple Clouds present this challenge.

Building a security posture that can be maintained across all those environments is a great starting point.

Cloud -Smart means doing the due diligence of evaluating your governance and security requirements first, and then identify which workloads should be moved to public, private or hybrid cloud.

A good transformation does not only involves the leading technology but you should consider the processes that are involved.

The Cloud Operation Model is a clear methodology for thoughtfully embracing the cloud.

I hope to have given you more insight into the Cloud Smart strategy.

So far this post, good luck adopting the Multi-Cloud.

#Let’s make the most of a Multi-Cloud World!