Hi community.

If you are also passionate about VMware Technology and you have the intention to share your knowledge, the vExpert program is probably also something for you!

What is the vExpert PRO subprogram?

The concept driving the inception of the vExpert PRO initiative is to establish a global community of vExperts who are enthusiastic about discovering and enlisting new vExperts in their respective localities while also offering guidance to these fresh faces in the field. Recognizing that vExpert PROs possess a profound understanding of the language and customs of their nations, we anticipate that they will facilitate our outreach to vExperts in every corner of the world.

Need help?

For any inquiries regarding the vExpert program or if you seek assistance and feedback for your submission, feel free to reach out! Your journey can commence by setting up an account today and crafting your submission at https://vexpert.vmware.com/apply.

Remember to incorporate a vExpert PRO into your application for added value.

Or send me a PM.

    Good luck with your submission!