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It has been quite some time since I last penned down this article discussing a fascinating tweak for the ESA ReadyNodes profiles. With the introduction of VMware’s recent portfolio simplification and the debut of VMware vSphere Foundation and VMware Cloud Foundation, there have been significant advancements to consider when scaling your infrastructure.

Particularly noteworthy is the introduction of the new vSAN ReadyNode profiles that align seamlessly with the size of vSAN trial license (included with your VMware vSphere/Cloud Foundation Subscription). Below, you will find a compilation of the latest vSAN ESA AF ReadyNodes.

vSAN ESA-AF Profiles

A fresh lineup of vSAN ESA ReadyNodes profiles has been unveiled, all tailored and certified for optimal performance with vSAN ESA an integrated vSAN HCI setup. There’s a notable reduction in prerequisites for vSAN-ESA-AF-0 ReadyNodes.

These AF-0 nodes now boast the ability to function seamlessly with just a single NVMe device starting at a modest 1.6TB capacity, effectively cutting the device count and capacity needs in half. While the recommendation for multiple storage devices remains for enhanced performance and robustness, this streamlined setup proves advantageous for various scenarios.

Moving on, similar streamlining has been applied to vSAN-ESA-AF-2 ReadyNodes, with their minimum capacity per host slashed from 15TB to 10TB, alongside a decrease in CPU core count per host from 32 cores to 24 cores. Lastly, the vSAN-ESA-AF-4 ReadyNodes have also seen a reduction in CPU core requirements.

vSAN ReadyNodes Certified for vSAN HCI

All vSAN ESA Profiles details can be found at vSAN ESA ReadyNode Hardware Guidance

It is allowed to make some changes to certain components(CPU, Storage Device, Memory, NIC, Boot Device) of the vSAN ESA ReadyNode™ configuration.

Final thoughts

I see this decrease in size as a significant benefit! This profile change makes it much easier for VMware customers to adopt VMware vSAN ESA technology, a cutting-edge storage solution that significantly enhances performance in the VMware environment without necessitating the acquisition of bulky hardware and licenses. Furthermore, the availability of vSAN trial licenses for many customers in the near future will undoubtedly make opting for this solution an extremely compelling decision.

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