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More and more customers are looking for a way to adopt VMware vSphere+ and take advantage of the new flexible vSphere and vSan Subscription based options.

So let’s focus on the onboarding process for VMware vSphere+ and start with the implementation.

I will also demonstrate how you are able to quickly create a virtual machine from the VMware Cloud Console and resolve the status of all connected VMware vSphere environments in a single pane of glass.

Let’s start!

3-Step process after purchase , Connect, Subscribe and Consume!

1 Download, Deploy, Configure Cloud Gateway Appliance.

This video covers the Cloud Gateway Appliace onboarding process.

2 Cloud Gateway Connection and vCenter registration

Tip: See also my previous post for all the pre-requirements (related to compute resources, permissions and connectivity).

Convert licenses to vSphere+ Subscription

After onboarding it is time to flip your licenses to VMware subscription based licenses. The video below guides you to this proces.

>>>>>>End of the onboarding process.

In the next video I will walk trough daily infrastructure operations, which can also be initiated from the VMware Cloud Portal.

The advantage of this approach is that administrators can perform global tasks from the VMware Cloud Portal for all the environments.

3 Let’s create a virtual machine from the VMware Cloud Portal.

View some Infrastructure operations from the VMware Cloud Portal.

While exploring the VMware Cloud console, we observe security-related isseus. We resolve one security issue and then see it reflected in the VMware Cloud Portal.

This post is primarily based on VMware vSphere+ Hands On lab (HOL-2311-92-ISM).

So if you want to get more experience with VMware vSphere+ and the portal, I definitely recommend this awsome lab!

See also my post VMware vSphere+ and vSan+, which addressing the features of VMware vSphere+

End of this post.

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