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VMware’s announcement of VMware vSphere + and VMware VCF + was made a while back.

A standout feature of these products is license management through the VMware Cloud Console, among other functionalities..

With the introduction of the new VMware by Broadcom portfolio, all products are offered as disconnected again. VMware vSphere + or VMware VCF + customers should return to an on-prem/disconnected environment at the end of their connected subscription.

To achieve this, a new script has been introduced to assist in restoring disconnection to your VMware environment.

For more information about the connected VMware products, see the blog posts below.




Check out this official VMware article for further details and to get access to the delete-subscription.sh scripts.

  • Ensuring uninterrupted operation requires thorough preparation, including verifying the availability of all necessary licenses. During this process, products may revert to trial licenses or risk disconnection from vCenter if their licenses have expired.
  • Customers running on vSphere 7.x will need to downgrade their new licenses received as they are issued as version 8.x.
  • Make sure to also give consideration to a rollback situation. This is further elaborated in the article through the concept of Snapshots. For inquiries, feel free to reach out to VMware support.

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