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I am excited to introduce the new simplified licensing structure of VMware by Broadcom.

This groundbreaking strategy involves the utilization of streamlined bundles, giving customers the ease of choosing from a simplified foundational Solutions.

Additionally, you have the opportunity to enhance with supplementary functionalities through the integration of Add-on Services (Storage,DR/RWR,Advanced Security and Private IA).

So let’s delve into the details of these simplified Solutions.

With the introduction of these new streamlined products VMware by Broadcom reduce complexity. In the past, there were approximately 168 products and bundles available. These have been reduced to only 2 Foundational offers (VMware Cloud Foundation and vSphere Foundation) plus Add-On services.

VMware Cloud Foundation encompasses a wide range of tools necessary for implementing an advanced Hybrid Cloud Solution suitable for Enterprises. On the other hand, if you are working with smaller data centers or mid-size environments, the vSphere Foundation bundle might be a more suitable choice.

vSphere Enterprise Plus

vSAN Enterprise per TB

Aria Suite Enterprise

Aria Operations for Networks Enterprise

SDDC Manager

vSphere Editions

vSphere Enterprise Plus

vSAN Enterprise (100 GB per Core)

Aria Suite Tern Standard

vCenter Standard

Plus Available Add-ons

VMware vSphere Standard:

vSphere Standard

vCenter Standard

VMware vSphere Essentials Plus Kit:

vSphere Essentials Plus

vCenter Essentials

Add-On services

Additionally, all bundles can be enhanced with supplementary functionalities through the integration of Add-ons.

Private AI Foundation
VMware Firewall/ATP
VMware Advanced Load Balancer
Ransomware and Live Recovery
Application Platform Services 

I will write a separate post about these add-on services soon, so stay tuned!

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