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I wanted to take a moment to share my recent training experience with you. I decided to attend this particular training because it offers a comprehensive understanding of the latest version of VMware Cloud Foundation (version 5.x), based on VMware vSphere 8, VMware NSX 4 and vSphere with Tanzu.

Not only does this training help in obtaining the VMware Certified Specialist – Cloud Foundation 2024 Badge, but it also offers the flexibility of an On Demand format. I’m excited to share my insights from this training with you.


Before taking this course, students should take the following courses or have equivalent knowledge and experience: • VMware vSphere: Install, Configure, ManageVMware NSX: Install, Configure, ManageVMware vSAN: Install, Configure, Manage

Course details

Level: Intermediate (L300).

L300 indicates that the level goes quite far. You can expect that this course will give you sufficient insights to actually apply specific configuration (no high level overview)

Course Objectives

• Plan a deployment for VMware Cloud Foundation

• Understand VMware Cloud Foundation and supporting architecture

• Configure VMware Cloud Foundation for VMware Cloud Connectivity

• Understand the VMware Cloud Foundation subscription licensing model

• Perform Day-Zero tasks

• Perform VMware Cloud Foundation platform onboarding

• Manage user credentials in VMware Cloud Foundation

• Configure NSX networking in VMware Cloud Foundation

• Deploy and manage Workload Domains

• Deploy vSphere with Tanzu on VMware Cloud Foundation

• Understand and implement storage solutions and related policies

• Perform maintenance tasks for the VMware Cloud Foundation platform

• Manage certificates for VMware Cloud Foundation and connected technologies

• Manage the lifecycle for VMware Cloud Foundation

• Engage with VMware Cloud Foundation Technical Support


I have found this course to be extremely valuable.

All the discussed objects have been thoroughly covered, and some of them are further reinforced through LAB simulations. This course also focuses on the transition to the Subscription-based edition of VCF, also known as VCF +, which many customers have chosen. The deployment and management of this VCF + edition are given significant attention in the course.

I particularly appreciated the clarity and comprehensiveness of the LAB simulations, see it for yourself on the example below!

Moreover, the subsequent chapters were equally detailed and of high quality. The concept of VMware Cloud Foundation is explained with great clarity and is supported by various visual aids. With the focus on day 2 operation (Compute, Storage, Network, LCM etc etc) and deployment.

I am highly appreciative of this specific educational approach followed in this course!

Whiteboard session

Apart from the availability of a lab simulation and slides, a significant portion of the theory is also supported by the use of a whiteboard!

In case you intend to deploy or manage a VCF environment this course is defiantly a must!


As mentioned earlier in the introductory section, upon successfully finishing this training program, participants will be eligible to acquire an additional certification VMware Cloud Foundation Specialist. Consequently, passing the exam 5V0-31.22 is also a prerequisite..

See also the exam blueprint for a aligned preparation.


May this post inspire you to expand your understanding of VCF, such as through enrolling in a course, and potentially pursuing certification.

Best of luck on your journey!

End of this post.

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  1. Very usefull informations you gave!
    Some of the links of the pdf blueprint send to a non existing pages, but it is not your fault!

    Hope to meet you in person at Dutch VMUG UserCon 2024.
    I just make a proposal about VCF and want to present a hand on lab of HoloDeck Toolkit

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