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I would like to inform you about a great new migration service, VMware introduces VMware HCX+, which is in (IA) initial availability as of today.

VMware HCX is a workload mobility platform, see also my previous post VMware HCX: Migrate your Workload to the Cloud (and back) part 1.

What is VMware HCX+

VMware HCX+ is a fully managed workload migration and mobility as-a-service providing centralized management, orchestration and observability for migration and repatriation and rebalancing initiatives across multi-cloud environments.

VMware HCX+ is a cloud-connected subscription next-gen mobility technologies delivered as a service.

Lift and shift applications without business impact

Reduce latency and downtime with mobility optimized networking

Connect multiple cloud securely with choice of migrations modes

HCX+ Delivers Easy Workload Migration and Mobility

Centralized Management:  From just one single (VMware Cloud) console you can view all HCX connected sites, connectivity status, site level versioning and overall health. vAdmins are able to managed and orchestrate workload migrations taks from a single pane of glass for all sites. Site relationships are depicted visually in a topology view.

Global Site Management & Monitoring Console

Simplified Deployment: HCX+ deployment has been simplified. The HCX console provides step-by-step steering and a guided journey to support administrators with the deployment. HCX+ undergo an automated discovery process to identify available VMware services and managed objects.

See the deployment steps, below:

Lifecycle Management: You can easily initiate (or schedule) updates from the maintenance section for each connected HCX site. VMware will always perform a pre-check validation and verify that the underlying infrastructure is compatible with the latest patch and features before applying patches. By this maintenance, HCX will automatically receive new features. It is also possible to receive email notifications for maintenance related events.

Enhanced Reporting and Visibility: A single dashboard is available to report the overall health status of HCX+. Administrators have full insight from a single view, including the global inventory. Get real-time feedback on critical tasks and how to address them without major delays.

Simply add multiple sites to VMware HCX+

Administrators can add multiple sites to VMware HCX+ and manage al operations from the VMware HCX Console. Site onboarding with keyless activation. HCX+ service provides built-in licensing and activation.

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