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Last year I wrote several blog posts about VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery.  Keeping up with the dynamic VMware portfolio, there have been exciting advancements in VM recovery.

In this post I would like to focus on the new service called VMware Live Recovery.

Why VMware Live Recovery?

VMware Live Recovery offers a comprehensive solution for addressing two crucial recovery scenarios provided by VMware – Site Disaster Recovery and Ransomware Recovery.

Consolidating these recovery options into a single platform is a logical choice, ensuring that you and your team can efficiently safeguard and oversee both site and ransomware recovery measures centrally.

High Level Overview

What is VMware Live Recovery?

VLR In a nutshell:

VMware Live Recovery is a solution that delivers powerful cyber and data resiliency for VMware Cloud. 

Ransomware and disaster recovery across on-premises and public cloud combined with centralized management.

Centralized Management

With the introduction of VMware Live Recovery you can now protect,  manage, and deploy recovery efforts for your sites and your ransomware attacks. Check out the video below showcasing my demonstration environment, offering access to the ransomware recovery platform.

Check out the management interfaces presented below, one designed for VLCR and the other for VLSR:


VMware Live Recovery is not just about the unified console and single subscription, it is also about the benefits that VLR brings to the table with a combination of VLSR and VLCR.

Customers don’t need to have to choose between DR or RWR. With VLR, they can protect the same VM with both VLCR for ransomware recovery and VLSR for DR.

VMware Live Recovery makes it simple and easy for Site Recovery Manager customers to enable Ransomware Recovery.

An upcoming blog post is in the works, diving into use cases and network topology. Stay tuned for more updates in the near future!

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