VMware Ransomware Recovery for VCDR is a purpose-built ransomware recovery as-a-service solution that delivers safe, controlled recovery using an on-demand Isolated Recovery Environment (IRE) in the cloud.

VMware’s Disaster Recovery as a Service solution is a unique offering as it provides the best of both worlds when it comes to Disaster Recovery. 

What makes this Randsomware addition so powerful?

In the event of a randsomware infection, VCDR provides a fall back solution. Specific snapshots of virtual machines (RPO) can be mounted, by the Scale-out Cloud File System and analyzed.This specific recovery point (RPO) can run in a isolated DR site.

As soon as the production has been recovered, the workload can be replicated back to production site and the DR site can be taken down, to reduce the DR costs.

This workflow consists of the following steps:

  • Configure adequate snapshot retention
  • Select a snapshots for validation
  • Start validation in Isolated Recovery Environment
  • Automated Behavioral Analysis
  • Final inspection or build curated image

See below the workflow for the randsomware infection and recovery proces.

On the image below, a snapshot of a virtual machine is being examined for Randsomware infection. During this proces all findings (from the security and vulnerability scan) are visible in the VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery portal.

A virtual machine is placed in network isolation mode by default. After a malware inspection the network isolation modus can be changed according to the business requirements.

Once the production site has been recovered , all the workload can be replicated back to production site and the DR site can can be turned off.

Keep in mind that VCDR with randsomware protection provides a solution as a fallback, the IT (infrastructure) team is primary responsible for Ransomware prevention. Recovery should be a Last Line of Defense!

What does this service cost?

With The VMware Cloud DR Planner web tool you can map sizing and costs simple by creating a project.

For sizing, a Live Optics file/project or an RV-Tools export can be uploaded. It is also possible to manually create a project and provide all the necessary parameters like numbers of protected vm’s and size.

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