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VMware vSphere version 8 and VMware vSan version 8 are GA.

VMware recently announced a brand new vSAN exam which is based on VMware vSAN 8 (5V0-22.23).

This exam update is based on the original exam 5V0-22.21, which will retire on July 2023.

Exam format and focus

Last quarter, 13 SMEs (including me) have contributed to the development of this new exam.

Based on this acquired knowledge and insights I will try to give you more insight about this new exam format and tips on how best to prepare for the exam.

First of all, the exam format has not been changed (76 item exam with a passing score of 300 using a scaled method) based on vSAN

VMware vSan 8 introduces many new features and a lot of these features wil have impact on the vSan design, implementation, best practices and requirements.

Example. vSAN ESA is a new technology. The existing storage technology (based on disk groups) OSA is described as OSA in this exam.

Duncan wrote a great blog about this.

Tip: make sure you are familiar with all the new technologies below:

New Data Structure

Erase Coding with RAID 1 performance

Highly Efficient Data Compresssion

Adaptive Network Shaping

Proactive Insights

Increase to cashe/buffers layers

Minimally Qualified Candidate.

The minimally qualified candidate (MQC) must have earned a VCP 2021 or newer. It is recommended the MQC have 6-12 months hands-on experience configuring, managing and designing vSphere and vSAN. The MQC is also experienced in deployment and administration of VMs using Storage Policy-Based Management and has basic knowledge of: storage, networking, hardware, security, and monitoring and troubleshooting. The MQC should possess the majority of the knowledge of the objectives shown in the exam sections in this guide.

How to prepare for the 5VO-22.23 exam (tips).

The resources below have helped me well with the exam development and should also be useful to prepare for this exam:

1: Read the exam blueprint.

2: Read blogs about vSan 8

3: Follow a vSAN 8 related course (optional):

VMware vSAN: Install, Configure, Manage [v8]

What’s New in VMware vSAN 8

How to obtain the vSan specialist badge?

To be eligible for this badge, you must meet specific criteria. 

See the VMware vSAN Specialist 2023 path: for all related requirements

You can take this exam from you home office or at an exam cente, provided by Pearson VUE. 

Good luck!

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