Currently, still a lot of virtual workload is running on VMware’s flag-ship vSphere 6.5 or vSphere 6.7.
Many customers do not realize that support will end in the short term.

Read below why you should consider to upgrade vSphere and which steps you should take according to the VMware best practices.

What’s does End of General Support mean?

Pretty straightforward. No Severity 1 calls, and no patches for any issues found will be available. This includes security patches as well! You can still file web-based tickets and request help troubleshooting problems. The results of these will often consist of help identifying knowledge articles that describe known issues or environmental misconfigurations, along with configuration guidance or recommendations.

The advice is to upgrade the vSphere environment as soon as possible to a supported version such as vSphere 7 or vSphere 8.

You should always consult the VMware compatibility Matrix before a upgrade to verify if the hardware is still supported with the new vSphere version.

The original EoTG (End of Technical Guidance) date of November 15, 2023 still applies for vSphere 6.7. There is no change in supportability dates for any other vSphere release.

Also consult the VMware Interoperability Matrics to verify if the upgrade path is supported.


Attention the support for SD Boot Media has been decrepated from VMware vSphere 7U3. See this Technical Guidance.

Good luck with the upgrade process and stay in support!

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