Hi vAdmins and Cloud Architects,

I am excited to announce the release of VMware HCX 4.7!

This is a minor version update that offers a range of new features, interoperability improvements, and bug fixes. Let’s take a closer look at what this new update has to offer!

Workload Migration for NSX V2T in Federated NSX Environments

  • HCX Workload Migration for NSX V2T now allows you to migrate to Federated NSX architectures. To configure the HCX Cloud Manager UI (:9443) for V2T workload migrations on Federated NSX environments, you’ll need to provide the location of the Global Manager running V2T Migration Coordinator in the NSX Migration Coordinator section. For further details, consult the article Understanding Workload Migration for NSX V2T.

vSAN 8 Express Storage Architecture (ESA)

  • VMware vSAN 8 ESA, an alternate architecture for high-performance storage, is now compatible with VMware HCX.

Host-Based Replication Module Update

  • The Host-based Replication (HBR) server in HCX is updated to version 8.7EP2. Version 8.7EP2 modernizes the HBR the functionality and performance, and is a requirement for VMware vSAN 8 ESA. HBR is used during HCX Bulk migration, Replication Assisted vMotion (initial/delta sync), and HCX protection (DR) operations, see also my previous post for additional information.

Interoperability Enhancements

Interoperability with VMware vSphere 8.0 Update 1

  • HCX is now compatible with VMware vSphere 8.0U1. HCX 4.7 enables workload migration to and from vSphere 8.0 Update 1-based public clouds and bundled offerings.

Interoperability with VMware NSX 3.2.3 and NSX 4.1.1

  • With this HCX release, all networking and migration features are compatible with vSphere environments running NSX 3.2.3 or NSX 4.1.1.

Scale Enhancements for Bulk and Replication Assisted vMotion (RAV) Migrations

  • The VMware HCX Manager can be tuned and scaled in order to increase the maximum concurrent migrations to 600 for both Bulk and RAV types. This is much higher than the default configuration limit of 300. For more information on scaling and tuning the HCX Manager, please read the VMware KB 93605.

* The latest version of VMware HCX offers additional features that you can take advantage of. On top of that, numerous bug fixes have been implemented making it essential to keep up-to-date for optimal migration.

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