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It’s time for an exciting update following my previous post on the recent release of VMware HCX 4.7. Brace yourselves for the arrival of VMware HCX 4.8 as announced by VMware! 

So let’s start:

Single-Cluster Multi Mesh Scale Out 

Scaling data transfer beyond 2 Gbs is one of the main advantages offered by this technology.

As shown in the image below, the brand new cluster setup utilizes the Multiple mesh topology, which effectively caters to the needs of large clusters. This feature allows the administrator to select Explicit SM efficiently.

Some new Scale Concept considerations :

Each new migration node can handle one more RAV/vMo relocation or up to 2Gbps of replication data. 

Data can be provisioning (HCX Cold/NFC)

Data can be replication (HCX Bulk/RAV Transfer)

Data can be relocation (HCX vMo/RAV Switchover)

Data can be OSAM conversion (can be scaled further, but currently tested to 4 SM)

OS Assisted Migration (OSAM) Guest OS Compatibility

This new version includes some changes related to OS support. From now on, for example, RHEL 8.7 and 8.8 (KVM /Hyper-V) is supported, but 32-bit guest operating systems are dropped.

HCX OSAM now supports RHEL 8.7 and RHEL 8.8

Remove 32-bit Guest Operating System Support

HCX 4.8.0 no longer supports 32-bit guest operating systems

HCX 4.8 for VMware Cloud on AWS SDDC M24

HCX deployment in VMware Cloud on AWS diskless SDDCs is now available with VMware Cloud for AWS 1.24

HCX 4.8 for VMware Cloud on AWS GovCloud

OSAM for Govcloud (New) enables migration of non-vSphere workloads in regulated environments. 

DNS Diagnostics | Dig 

Dig has been added to the HCX 4.8 appliance

The inclusion of Dig in the HCX 4.8 appliance marks a notable addition. A valuable network administration tool, the dig command serves the purpose of querying Domain Name System (DNS) servers. Its primary function revolves around retrieving pertinent details concerning domain names, IP addresses, and DNS records.

HCX Release Lifecycle Notice

Like every new release, interoperability is affected. The end of life (EOL) for VMware HCX 4.5 and VMware HCX 4.5.1 is scheduled from October 13th, 2023 to October 21st, 2023, marking the end of general support.

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